Our Services

Our approach follows an adaptive, research-based model. We continually evaluate our strategies relative to business performance and our client’s objectives to promote maximum efficacy and efficiency. The result is a continually evolving growth strategy.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting

Our approach hinges on our data analysis. From identifying high-growth potential markets to providing insights on new product offerings, we sift through all data available through the online store, organize it, visualize it, and find the answers you need.

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Buyer Behavior Modeling    

Using the data gathered and organized as part of our regular reporting process, we develop detailed buyer behavior models with the aim of better understanding the various customer sets for a business.

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Customer Engagement    

When it comes to Customer Engagement, online retail companies face a unique set of challenges not shared by their brick-and- mortar counterparts. While these traditional establishments have the opportunity to engage with customers personally throughout their shopping experience, eCommerce stores must replicate that personal touch in a digital environment.

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Customer Relationship Management    

Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with an audience and the benefits of an effective email strategy are huge. Email must, however, serve to support all other business strategies and not simply function as an avenue for periodic outreach.

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Merchandise & Assortment Planning

Inventory is paramount to any online retail company. For a company to achieve any significant growth, its merchandise must grow as well. Our aim is to provide strategic, insight-based counsel on Merchandise & Assortment Planning to minimize risk and promote successful growth.

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    Price Management

We help our clients establish a base Price Management foundation for the business that maintains profitability and competitiveness in the market. We work with our clients to determine pricing rules, MAPs, pricing breaks, etc.

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Demand ForecastinG

Understanding trends and seasonality is paramount to the success of any retail business. It drives projections and can help make or break profitability for a company. No two Demand Forecasting models are similar, though, as no two companies are exactly alike.

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Multichannel Execution

It is estimated that some 72% of shoppers research a product online before making a purchase, be it in an online store or brick and- mortar location. In order to capture as much visibility during that research process, a retail company must occupy the necessary “real estate” online by expanding into different sales channels.

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Product Development & Sourcing

No one knows the brand better than someone on the inside and we are under no illusions that, as external partners, we would be able to improve on the design or development of something at the core of your business. What we do help with, though, is guiding the direction Product Development & Sourcing takes for our clients.

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Marketing Communications Strategy    

A strong marketing and communication strategy is far and away the most effective means of growing an online retail business. But what makes for a strong strategy? For us, it is a combination of experience and insight.

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Platform & Software Selection

Software solutions can help optimize the customer experience, improve operational inefficiencies, and help promote rapid growth of a business. Selecting the appropriate solution for a given need, however, can be an extremely daunting and time-intensive process.

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Project Management

At any given time, several concurrent projects can be in the works, even for a newly launched online retail company. Proper planning and management of a project is necessary to ensure it stays on budget, on deadline, and on strategy.

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Promotions & Markdown Optimization

The goal of this exercise is development of a balanced promotional framework based equally on consumer behavior and business needs, as seen in the example below.

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Store Operations

While Store Operations may seem like a secondary consideration in the world of online retail, they are in fact just as important in eCommerce as in traditional sales. Operational inefficiencies can have a direct impact on the customer experience.