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Customer Profile Development

  • Segmentation of existing customer database
  • Market research to identify high-probability targets

Audit of Online Retail Space

  • Product restructuring
  • Optimization of online storefront

Online Behavior Mapping

  • Code and tracking on website
  • Comprehensive acquisition and conversion path analysis
  • Identification of quantifiable retail goals (leads, new acquisitions, revenue, etc.) and appropriate online indicators


Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword list development
  • Page title tags, URL, H1 tags, Alt tags, Meta description, Meta tags
  • Link structure
  • Third-party verification and registration (as applicable)

Search Engine Marketing

  • Campaign and Ad Group development
  • Keyword list development
  • Creative development
  • Retargeting campaign development (creative assets not included)
  • Bidding strategy
  • Bi-weekly evaluation and optimization


Customer Relationship Management Strategy and Optimization

  • Comprehensive CRM strategy including regular informational communication, promotional communication, transactional communication, past customer engagement, etc.
  • Content structure and organization (links, copy review, etc.)
  • Optimization based on email type and audience relative to business performance

Content Strategy and Optimization

  • Online voice and content strategy based on customer insights (social and blog)
  • Content structure and organization (links, categories, tags, images, etc.)
  • Optimization based on content type and promotion strategy relative to business performance

Social Media Strategy and Optimization*

  • Establishment of social media channel (if applicable)
  • Content promotion strategy and execution
  • Social media advertising and retargeting strategy and execution
  • Audience development and segmentation from site traffic
  • Lookalike audience development based on purchase behavior
  • Community growth strategy and execution


Promotion Optimization

  • Identification of high-potential online promotion strategies based on customer profile
  • Set up tracking to evaluate response and effectiveness of promotion
  • Optimization based on promotion and outreach strategy relative to business performance

Online Brand Alignment Strategy

  • Identification of high-value online targets
  • Set up tracking to evaluate effectiveness of digital media outreach
  • Optimization based on media and content type relative to business performance

Integration of Offline Activity

  • Leveraging in-store and offline promotion in the digital space
  • Driving online activity through offline presence
  • Recommendations for high-value offline brand building opportunities


Comprehensive Reporting

  • Weekly status consultation and monthly reporting
  • Marketing alignment and integration
  • Attribution analysis
  • Overall strategy optimization